NIA testifies in activist Solo Sandeng’s “murder” trial


A member of the National Intelligence Agency has testified against the 9 leaders of the feared institution who are being charged for the murder of an opposition activist Solo Sandeng in April last year.

This is the first ‘official testimony’ of what happened after the opposition activists was arrested and detained at the NIA.

Dawda Ndure who testified against the 9 NIA personnel has served the institution since 2003 and was the one who took the official statement from Solo before he was taken to where he eventually died.

“He was taken out of my office at the Counter Intelligence Unit by the Special Operation Team after I took his statement,” Ndure told the High Court today.

He explained how he first saw Sandeng lying on a mattress covered with a bed sheet with blood stains at the NIA, the night he was reportedly tortured and killed.

He explained his presence and what he saw when he was transported to be buried around an NIA complex in Tanji, south of Banjul.

Solo Sandeng led a peaceful opposition march for political reform on April 14, 2016, but died in detention shortly after his arrest by state security agents unleashing a wave of anger among many in the country who voted out Jammeh eight months later.

It was also Sandeng’s death in custody that led to the demonstration by opposition leader Ousainou Darboe who was later handed a 3-year jail term for his protest.

Solo’s body was exhumed near the western coastal village of Tanji in Gambia couple of week ago.

The hearing and testimony in the trial continues tomorrow at the High Court. The state prosecutors have lined up 14 witnesses to testify in the trial.


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