Gambia’s president promises to release 25 mln USD to farmers


Gambia’s new president Adama Barrow 

Gambian President Adama Barrow has promised to release an equivalent of 25 million US dollars to farmers ahead of the rainy season, which is due in two months’ time, local media reported on Monday.

“So far 25 million US dollars is available from the Islamic Development Bank to support farmers with groundnut seeds and fertilizers for the upcoming rainy season,” President Barrow said in a press statement issued during the weekend.

He said during his recent tour of the county, people have expressed the need for urgent support for agricultural inputs such as seeds, fertilizers and farm implements.

“I have taken note of the urgent needs of Gambians such as the need for drugs in our health facilities, infrastructural development such as feeder roads, electricity and clean water supply, amongst others,” he added.

“All these will require the support of the National Assembly as an oversight institution to make sure that the quality of governance is strengthened, laws are respected and the policies are implemented,” the president was quoted as saying.

“We can only succeed by working together as a nation,” he said. “While we respect our diversity in opinion, we can always come to consensus to build our nation.”


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