President Barrow goes on first nationwide tour tomorrow

The Gambian leader will start his first countrywide tour tomorrow as the coalition that brought him to power disintegrates further. People ask: what will he say to the electorates? president-adama-barrow

President Adama Barrow will conduct a nationwide tour of the country from the 23rd March – 2nd April, according to a press statement from the office of the president.

The release said the purpose of the tour is to thank the Gambian people for voting him as President in the December 2016 elections.

It is stated that the tour will also enable President Barrow as Coalition Leader to familiarize himself with the political situation in the run up to the National Assembly elections in April this year.

The coalition of 8 political parties that voted the Gambian leader has disintegrated over the modalities of contesting the coming National Assembly elections leading to a huge rift among partisan political leaders and their supporters.

The independent and none partisan political supporters in the country blamed the Gambian leader for not demonstrating stronger leadership in keeping the coalition together.

Now the 8 political parties are challenging each other for the same seats which might split votes giving none coalition parties an advantage thus affecting their reforms agenda.

During the nationwide tour, President Barrow will hold 36 general meetings in the seven regions of The Gambia.

The release added that he will call on the electorates to vote for Coalition candidates for change so as to have a majority in the National Assembly.

This will enable his government to implement its transition policies and programmes to effect the change Gambians have voted for during the December 2016 Presidential elections.

All supporters are welcome to join President Barrow, the Coalition leader at the general meetings in their areas.



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