Solo Sandeng trial: Judge threatens to throw out case against 9 NIA

Solo Now

The judge in the alleged murder trial of Ebrima Solo Sandeng has threatened to throw away the case from his court if the state fails to furnish her court with vital information on the trial.

The case which was on its third adjournment date on Monday has failed to proceed because certain vital information such as summary of the evidences and formal charge sheets were absent.

“We cannot give you longer adjournment,” Justice Kumba Camara retorted after the prosecution asked for lengthy time for investigators to come up with conclusive evidences.

“The state is given till the next adjourn date to ensure that the proper information on evidences and witnesses are before this court,” Camara warned.

The state prosecutors said the police are currently investigating the case further and that they need experts help from abroad which would require time.

The state also argued that the remains of Sandeng is being examined by experts after it was exhumed about two weeks ago.

However, the defence lawyers have argued that holding Badgie and his 8 other colleagues is “illegal” since there is no proper case before the court.

“I will hesitate to even call them accused persons,” argued lawyer Richard Moses.

Sandeng, the then National Organizing Secretary of the main opposition United Democratic Party (UDP), died in detention shortly after his arrest for participating in a protest demanding electoral reforms ahead of last December’s presidential polls.

About a month ago, an ex-Gambian spy chief under Dictator Yahya Jammeh, Yankuba Badjie, has officially been charged with the death of the political activist.

Badjie and colleagues face two counts of conspiracy to commit felony and murder and though they were arraigned before a country, they are yet to take a plea.


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