APRC ‘forcefully evicted’ from party bureau

Tombong Jatta

The Gambia Police Intervention Unit (PIU) has seized the political bureau of former president Yahya Jammeh’s party, Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC), national mobiliser has confirmed to The Torch.

Gambians are heading to polls on April 6 to elect National Assembly members and the APRC national Mobiliser Yankuba Colley argued their force eviction ‘without any prior communication’ was meant to disrupt their elections campaign and strategy.

“I think it was unfairly done. There should have been a legal process or a written document to ask us to leave but they just come and instantly demanded that we leave,” Colley said.

“It will have some effect on our elections campaign… I believe that is why they did this—they want to embarrass us.”

Gambia’s former dictator Jammeh who is accused of killings and disappearances in the small West African nation has been defeated in country’s last December elections by Adama Barrow.

Since his defeat, allegation were made that he has stolen millions of dollars of public funds and the Gambia president has told Turkey News Agency about a month ago that his government will try and recover stolen public assets.

Gambia police are yet to comment on the force eviction.

However, Colley said they are renting the complex but it does not belong to them.


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