Barrow makes unannounced visit to State House

president-adama-barrowAdama Barrow, Gambia’s new president has visited the State House to inspect the ongoing renovation work at country’s top office, The Torch has learned.

Barrow visited the place without any media presence, his press director Amie Bojang, confirmed to this paper.

Gambian leader has been using a private hotel, Kairaba Beach, as his office since he won presidential elections in the small nation.

Concerns over his stay at the hotel grows when papers bearing his expenditure at the hotel was leaked online, arousing controversy with people requesting him to leave the hotel.

“If work is done at State House right now, we will go there,” Bojang said.

It is not clear though when work at the State House will be completed.

Weeks ago, Barrow has confirmed to The Torch that the Gambian tax payers are responsible for the cost of his stay at a local hotel while work continues in ensuring the usability of the State House in Banjul.

Barrow defeated Gambia’s dictator Yahya Jammeh who refused to step down on claims that the polls were tainted with “unacceptable irregularities”.

The tense standoff led to the military intervention of regional forces and since his departure for Equatorial Guinea after accepting to step down, the Gambian leader has not gone to State House.

A number of Gambians have protested online that Barrow is wasting millions of Gambian taxpayers’ money.

But he said such claims are exaggerated.


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