Gambia’s new gov’t remove age limit to presidency



The new government of The Gambia led by Adama Barrow has repealed a law that places age limit to presidency at 65 and they have also adjusted the retirement age for superior court judges from 70 to 75 years.

This was the first major reform agenda that was taken to the majority APRC National Assembly by the new government that started work last month after a rocky transition.

“This bill seeks to amend the 1997 constitution of the republic of The Gambia by extending the age at which a judge should vacate his or her office from seventy-five years and removing the upper age limit for holding office as President of the Republic of the Gambia,” country’s interior minister Mai Fatty lawmakers.

“It is envisaged that this will facilitate and encourage qualified, competent and experienced Gambian to be appointed as judges of the superior courts or be elected to political office”.

The bill which was seconded by Natty Baldeh was unanimously approved by lawmakers on justification that it is discriminatory in nature.

However, critics say Barrow administration has done the reform to re-appoint his vice president Tambajang Jallow who is 68.

Barrow appointed Jallow while he was away in Senegal in order to avoid the power vacuum that his absence created but it would later come to light that she is in fact beyond 65.

The administration could not withstand the loud outcry and had to resign Jallow to the women’s affairs ministry.


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