Prison boss David Colley on “expired contract” sacked 


The head of Gambia prisons services, David Colley, has been sacked and was replaced by Ansumana Manneh, the then director of operations at Mile 2 central prison, a source from the interior ministry informed The Torch.

David Colley was appointed on contract as the head of prisons department in 2006 but our source said his contract was expired since 2013 though he was allowed to continue his job since then.

Colley has recently come under criticism after images of “horrible conditions of prisons” was leaked online following the inspection of interior minister and justice minister of their facilities.

Gambians have changed their leadership replacing an eccentric leader Yahya Jammeh with a former property developer Adama Barrow in their recent December 1 presidential polls.

The new government promised sweeping legal and institutional reforms including building a new prison and improving the facilities of the current ones.

The UN prison inspectors and experts on torture and extra-judicial killings were denied entrance at the security wing of the country’s notorious Mile 2 prison.

The UN experts who abruptly cut off short their inspection following that misunderstanding later told journalists that the country’s then vice president Isatou Njie Saidy told them that even her does not have access to the part of the prison that they wanted to visit.


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