Sallah confirms he will contest national assembly


Halifa Sallah, the spokesperson of the coalition and adviser to the presidency on good governance 

Halifa Sallah, the spokesperson of the coalition, has confirmed2 to journalists that he will be contesting the National Assembly elections if he is selected by his colleagues.

This means Sallah will likely resigned from his current position as adviser to the president because National Assembly members not only play an advisory role in Gambia but also an oversight function over the executive.

“If I am selected, I will contest,” Sallah told journalists at Kairaba while revealing that the coalition members will discuss the strategies for contesting National Assembly elections on Friday.

He said the lawmaking body needs people who are capable and understand the scrutinizing role of the institution and will be able to guide the executive on the right path.

“National Assembly is a very important body that plays an oversight function and others. It needs people who have the wherewithal to be able to understand issues and to be able to help guide the executive,” Sallah.

Sallah is a very important member of the coalition and people have expressed concerns that he was not in the executive.

President Adama Barrow who defeated former president Yahya Jammeh has come to power on the backing of 7 political parties and an independent candidate.

None of Sallah’s colleagues in the PDOIS have taken an executive position in the coalition and rumours are rife that Seedia Jatta is also contemplating contesting for his National Assembly seat in Wuli West.

Sallah also clarified that the coalition has not reached any decision on how they will contest the National Assembly elections but discussions on that will be held on Friday.

He said a bill on electoral reform before the National Assembly election slated for April 6 is being prepared and will be sent to the lawmaking body with a certificate of urgency from the president.

He made particular reference to the 2015 electoral amendment act which requires National Assembly contestants to pay a deposit of 50, 000, an amount many consider to be outrageous.




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