Gambia police arrest former head of notorious NIA



Gambian police have arrested Yankuba Barjie, the former director of National Intelligence Agency, an institution accused of enforced disappearances and killings under former president Yahya Jammeh.

“We have arrested Yankuba Barjie former director of NIA and Sheikh Omar Jagne director of operations. Investigations are ongoing,” Foday Conta, spokesperson of Gambia police confirmed to The Torch.

Conta said investigations are ongoing and that the duo are yet to be charged though the arrests were made on Monday evening.

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Jammeh who ruled Gambia with an iron fist has lost elections to a former property developer Adama Barrow in country’s December 1 presidential elections.

This is Barrow government’s first high profile arrest of former members of the previous regime since their shocking election triumph.

Two weeks ago, Gambia police chief Yankuba Sonko has told Turkey News Agency that the small nation’s interior minister Mai Fatty has issued a directive for their institution to probe the cases of missing people in the country.

Since Jammeh’s downfall, the new government has asked people to report cases of their missing people to a department of Gambia police call the Major Crime Unit.

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A Gambian human rights defender Madi Jobarteh calls his arrest a “Great news” to victims of Jammeh.


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