Malick Jones fired as GRTS DG


Malick Jones, a veteran Gambian broadcaster and sports commentator who has been appointed the director general of Gambia Radio and Television Services has been fired, The Torch has learned.

Jones has been redeployed to the communication ministry as the deputy permanent secretary and Bai Sanyang, a technician who has been serving as an assistant director general, is now the acting DG.

“I have not been appointed. They just asked Malick to hand over to me. That is all,” Sanyang told The Torch, without revealing who.

It is not clear who made the decision but it is likely to have come from President Adama Barrow of his office given that there is currently no communications minister.

Jones was deputy permanent secretary at the ministry of communication until recently when he was appointed GRTS DG, a position he held during the country’s recent political crisis.

Jones has come under huge criticism for his “biased reporting” on the political deadlock that gripped the country following the refusal of President Yahya Jammeh to cede power after his December 1 presidential election defeat.

In one of their press conference, Halifa Sallah, the spokesperson of President Barrow attacked the GRTS as the mouthpiece of the APRC during the crisis.

The state broadcaster made it a policy not to air anything that contradicts Jammeh’s position. Malick has not made any public statement defending his position of that of GRTS during the impasse.


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