UK diplomat meets Barrow to strengthen ties

The British Ambassador to The Gambia, Colin Crorkin, has revealed his country’s readiness to deepen economic and political ties with the small nation under the new political dispensation after two decades of tense relations with former president Yahya Jammeh.


Crorkin, who met President Adama Barrow at his office at Kairaba on Thursday morning, told journalists that they have discussed ways of having British companies invest in the country.

He said they have talked about the “opportunity for British companies to invest in The Gambia, the sort of reception they are going to receive under the new regime”.

He said they have also discussed the “importance of the coalition remaining a unified body and operating in the best interest of Gambia”.

“What I am hoping now is to see a new chapter in the political and economic relationship between the two countries and in particular The Gambian desire to rejoin the Commonwealth; that is something we will certainly support as we will also support their decision to reverse the earlier decision to come out of the ICC,” he said.

Gambia got its independence from Britain in 1965 but the two countries has had a tense relations during the regime of a throwback Gambian autocrat, Yahya Jammeh.

Jammeh recently lost an election to rival Adama Barrow who was backed by seven opposition political parties.

Meanwhile, Spanish Charge d’ Affaires in Gambia, Laura Mayoral, has also told journalists that she has discussed interested areas of cooperation between her country and Gambia with President Barrow and they have also discussed how they could help Gambia in developing it tourism sector.

Barrow also held discussions with Turkish ambassador, Ergin Soner.

“Historically, we have very good relations with Gambia… We are very determined to develop our relations in every area,” Soner told journalists.

“We are looking into economic cooperation… There is too much incentives here and there are no reason why Turkish investors could not come here.”

Ousainou Darboe , country’s new minister of foreign affairs, international cooperation and Gambians abroad, also held meeting with the diplomats to strengthen bilateral relation between Gambia and their respective countries.


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