Gambia: 200 Nigerian air force men return home


ECOWAS forces at the State House

Two hundred of the Nigerian Air Force personnel sent for peace keeping in Gambia are back home after what they called a successful campaign in the country, local media reported.

The Channel Television reported that the officers who arrived in Nigeria at about 6:30 on Thursday evening, were brought in the country by its Air Force plane.

The troops were part of the regional military force call ECOMIG sent to restore democracy in The Gambia.

Former President Yayah Jammeh had refused to step down after losing an election to current President Adama Barrow.

Nigerian media reported that the officers and airmen were received by Air Vice Marshal, James Gbum at the Air Force wing of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos.

The head of ECOMIG mission in Gambia, General Francois Ndiaye, has also told Gambian journalists last week that they will be returning their fighter jets, heavy tanks and war ships because of the improved security in Gambia.

Meanwhile, Nigeria’s Senate President Bukola Saraki has also told local media on Thursday morning that: “The acting president is briefing us on our troops to Gambia and what the situation is. And that the navy and the Air Force will be coming back and that it is likely some troops will be left behind.”


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