Gambia’s new president to arrive in the country on Thursday


President Adama Barrow’s spokesperson, Halifa Sallah.

Halifa Sallah, the official spokesperson of Gambia’s new government has confirmed that new President Adama Barrow will arrive in the country on Thursday, a week after he was sworn into office in neighboring Senegal.

“He called to inform me last night that he will be coming on Thursday and will arrive here at 4pm,” Sallah told a press conference on Thursday.

An official press statement from the spokesperson’s office made this confirmation on Wednesday afternoon.

Sallah said Barrow has instructed a vetting committee that is working on the list of cabinet appointees he has made before announcements are made.

He revealed that the military aide selected by Barrow is General Masaneh Kinteh who will work with ECOWAS forces as they further collaborate with their Gambian counterparts.

Kinteh has ones served as a chief of defence staff in the Gambian army.


However, Sallah said Barrow will not be going to the State House upon his arrival because of the ongoing inspection there and other parts of the country.

“He will be staying at his residence,” Sallah.

Barrow defeated the longtime leader Yahya Jammeh in December elections that Jammeh challenged. Jammeh finally flew into exile over the weekend after international pressure.

A West African regional military force that was poised to oust Jammeh if talks failed has been securing Gambia for Barrow’s arrival.

Gambians eagerly await Barrow, who has promised to reverse many of Jammeh’s actions and free political prisoners.


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