Gambia’s post poll crisis: first minister resigns

Sheriff Bojang

Sheriff Bojang, the communication minister under President Yahya Jammeh has resigned and called on him to hand over power when his term expires on January 19.

A veteran Gambian journalists and owner of a private newspaper company, The Standard, Bojang has become the first minister to resign ahead of the expiration of the term of the outgoing President Jammeh.

“I begin this statement by hereby announcing that I have taken the decision, and written to the relevant high authority to the effect that I have resigned from the Government and the Cabinet as Minister of Information & Communication Infrastructure with immediate effect,” Bojang who wrote a letter from Senegal stated.

However, the government put out a press release Monday night announcing it has dismissed Sheriff of his position as a minister.

Sheriff has written his resignation letter from Dakar, Senegal where he has been for the past few days.

Bojang whose newspaper was shutdown two times by Gambian authorities has been appointed by Jammeh as a communication minister in early 2015.

Gambia was plunged into a crisis on Dec. 9 after President Jammeh rejected the results, a week after conceding defeat to a little known property developer, Adama Barrow.

Since the crisis erupted, the regional bloc, ECOWAS, and major international institutions including the United Nations and African Union has asked Jammeh to step down.

Several high profile Gambians have also joined the call and couple of weeks ago, 11 ambassadors have written to the President Jammeh asking him to quit.

Nigeria’s President Muhammed Buhari and Ghana’s former president John Dramani Mahama are expected in Gambia on Wednesday to hold talks with Jammeh as part of efforts by the regional economic bloc aim at peacefully solving the impasse.

The ruling APRC party led by President Jammeh has filed a petition at the country’s Supreme Court to annul the election results which they argued were tainted by “unacceptable irregularities”.

However, Bojang thinks otherwise.

“It is my considered opinion and stance that the results of the December 1st election represent a true reflection of the sovereign will of the Gambian people,” he wrote in his resignation letter.

“The current attempts while appearing to have a veneer of constitutionalism are in fact an attempt to subvert the express will of the Gambian electorate.”

He added that the “APRC has no one to blame but itself for its dismal performance at the polls”.

“We took very impolitic decisions from mid-2015 which led to a haemorrhaging of support from our traditional bases and made the party unappealing to new millennial voters,” he argued.


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