Gambian autorities close fourth radio since crisis began

Gambian authorities have ordered Paradise FM, a radio station that has been effectively covering the crisis in the country, to cease operation without any reason being advanced.

Paradise has become the fourth radio stations Gambian authorities forcefully closed down since crisis began in the small.

“There were six of them who came and ordered us to close down. They said the orders are coming from the ministry of communication,” Kebba Camara, a staff of the radio who produces their political related programmes told The Torch.

“They said we can call the communication minister for any queries but we were made to understand he is out of the country.”

Emil Touray, the president of the Gambia Press Union told The Torch that the closure of the radio station is “not in tandem with law and it is unconstitutional”.

“We are calling on them to reverse their decision,” he added.

Meanwhile, officials from the country’s communication ministry could not reach for comment.

Gambia has over two dozen radio stations that were seriously censored but since the crisis began most of them have started covering politics.

The small country was plunged into a crisis on Dec. 9 after President Yahya Jammeh rejected the results, a week after conceding defeat to a little known property developer, Adama Barrow.

Since the crisis erupted, the regional bloc, ECOWAS, and major international institutions including the United Nations and African Union has asked Jammeh to step down.

The regional leaders have appointed Nigeria’s President Muhammed Buhari and Ghana’s former president John Dramani Mahama and are meeting in Abuja today to discuss the crisis.


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