We are not supporting military intervention- Kandeh  


A defeated Gambian opposition leader, Mamma Kandeh, who went to polls with President elect Adama Barrow and President Yahya Jammeh has called for a peaceful solution to the ongoing post-election crisis in the small nation.

Gambia’s Yahya Jammeh was declared loser in the country’s December 1 polls and accepted the results but rejected it a week later, claiming “unacceptable irregularities”.

Mamma Kandeh became an APRC national assembly member in 2002 but fell out with his former boss in 2012 after which he formed Gambia Democratic Congress in early 2016.

“We want to emphasize that the problems we are facing today can be resolved peacefully. We are not encouraging violence or military intervention within or outside this country. I believe we are not yet in a situation where our problems cannot be resolved at the table,” Kandeh told a press conference on Friday.

“The position of the Gambia Democratic Congress is that: let the two groups open a line of communication… Let us sit down and talk and solve our problem together.”

Since President Jammeh announced he was annulling the election results, the leaders of the regional economic bloc, ECOWAS, has vowed to uphold country’s December 1 results by “all means necessary”.

And Gambian president has condemned the position of ECOWAS as “interference”into the domestic affairs of Gambia.

Jammeh’s term expires on January 19 and regional leaders have also vowed to attend Adama Barrow’s inauguration.

But Kandeh raised concerns that soldiers who will be facing the regional troops should ECOWAS intervened will be Gambians who “are our families and some of them are parents too”.

The transitional members of the coalition and the ruling APRC have started communicating over issues of transition of power before Jammeh took a U-turn, coalition’s spokesperson, Halifa Sallah, told journalists at his last press conference at Kairaba.

However, he said there is no communication between the two sides right now though the regional leaders are currently mediating the crisis.

“I am calling on the President and President elect to sit at a table,” Kandeh pleaded, though it remained unclear how this will happen.

“The position of the Gambia Democratic Congress party does not change, that we are defeated by elected President Adama Barrow and we are not going to contest or challenge the results…,” he added.


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