IEC to resume work on Tuesday- Chairman Njai


Alieu Mamorr Njai, the chairman of the IEC, sitting right

Alagie Mamorr Njai, the chairman of the Independent Electoral Commission, has told The Torch they will be resuming work on Tuesday, weeks after they were closed down by security forces.

Chairman Njai said they could not go to work on Thursday because the statement came too late into the night.

IEC and Gambia government officials do not work on Fridays.

“The press release came too late into the night… But we will resume work on Tuesday,” he said.

“The fact that they said someone was going to burn the place makes me worried of course… The place was going to be burnt but by who?”

Chairman Njie also told AFP that the building had reopened but said work would resume Tuesday for staffing reasons and a public holiday on Monday.

“The Gambia Government made the announcement late Wednesday night and some of the staff were already in the rural area. This is why we did not go to work today, but we will go to work Tuesday morning,” Njie said.

On Wednesday Gambia government has issued a press release asking officials of IEC resume work.

IEC chairman was denied entrance into his office weeks ago by security forces who did not explain why but the government now said they occupied the building because they had Intel that the building was going to be burnt down, though they won’t say by whom.

“The government of The Gambia hereby informs all staff of the independent electoral commission that they can return to work with immediate effect,” the release stated.

“The reason for the temporary closure of the commission head office was because of an imminent security threat, namely that the building was going to be burnt down.  Now that the threat has abated, the IEC head office will reopen.”

Gambia plunged into a crisis after President Yahya Jammeh declared he is annulling the December 1 election results because of “irregularities” and ordered fresh elections.

Ruling APRC party has filed a petition about two weeks ago at the country’s Supreme Court seeking to annul the results but IEC can’t received the petition which is a requirement before the court can proceed with the case since the they could not have access to their office.


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