Gambia’s Islamic Council recognizes President elect Barrow


Gambia’s president elect Adama Barrow

Members of the Supreme Islamic Council and Banjul Muslim elders have today assured the President elect Adama Barrow of their support at a meeting at his residence at Taf Estate in Brufut.

The delegation of Muslim elders led by the SIC President Momodou Lamin Touray told Barrow that their loyalty as Muslim elders is to whoever the Gambian people gave a mandate to govern their affairs.

The SIC delegates which also included the Imam Ratib of Banjul, Cherno Alieu Mass Kah, assured the President Elect that they are ready to work with him on all Islam-related issues.


SIC President Touray said the religious body which was established since 1992 worked with the country’s two presidents since independence and it is ready to also work with Barrow.

Meanwhile, various religious leaders and elders from across the country have also lined up to see the president elect.

Delegations from Jimara, Niani Dobo and other places have brought words of support to the president elect.

While addressing the religious leaders and various elders who have come to visit him, President elect Barrow assured them that his government will govern on the principles of good governance, democracy and human rights.

“This will be a government that will ensure that peoples’ rights are protected but not that which people will be feared,” he said.

“The people I am working with, Halifa Sallah, Omar Jallow, Lawyer Darboe, Hamat Bah, Sedia Jatta, Mai Fatty, Henry Gomez, and others have been struggling to ensure that democracy prevails in this country for over two decades. That time has come because these are the people with whom you entrust your power.”


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