Gambia’s post election crisis affecting businesses—GCCI


Muhammed Jagana, the president of the GCCI who signed the press statement

Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a private sector pressure group in the small nation of 1.9 million people, has told journalists on Wednesday that the country’s current political impasse is affecting businesses.

The GCCI has warned that the crisis would have serious consequences on the economy if it is not resolved immediately.

“The members of the Gambia Chamber of Commerce are gravely concerned and troubled by the current political impasse following President Jammeh’s rejection of the December 1st presidential election results,” the institution said in its press statement issued on Wednesday.

“The ongoing political crisis is causing great uncertainty in the business community with adverse consequences to the economy and the nation at large.”

Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh has lost election to a property developer Adama Barrow, according to IEC, but he later rejected the results citing irregularities and ordered fresh elections.

Yesterday, four West African leaders visited the country to negotiate Jammeh’s smooth transfer of power but they could not reach a deal.

The APRC has already filed a petition at the Supreme Court to annul the results and order fresh elections.


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