I cried in prison after Jammeh’s election defeat – Darboe

The opposition leader said nothing him and his colleagues went through in jail or during their arrest matters except for the course they were fighting for. 


Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, in blue, in court on December 5

Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, leader of the opposition United Democratic Party has told The Torch that he has cried in his lonely prison cell when a prison officer informed him of President Jammeh’s loss to president elect Adama in Friday presidential polls.

Darboe who calls his arrest and subsequent jailing “an honour” was freed on bail on December 5 after spending 8 months behind bars.

“I thanked God when a prison officer told me that Jammeh has lost to the opposition and I was alone in my cell and I cried because I reflected and say where is Sidia Sanyang, Sarjo Kujang Sanneh, Solo Sadeng and Syngle Nyassi and others,” he said.

“I cried because I thought that these are people who had given up themselves for the realization of that day. They are honorable people patriots lying in their honourable graves. We don’t know where Solo’s grave is, but we know it is an honourable grave.”

The opposition leader, who was jailed for holding an unauthorized protest with 18 others and was bailed two days ago, has also described as “bad” and “insufficient”, the food prisoners are served in Gambia’s central prison, Mile 2 located at the outskirt of Banjul the capital.

Darboe also said despite the challenges he faced, he has never regretted his decision to take to the street “because I know I have not committed any crimes and I also know that I was there for a worthy course”

He said he was given a very polite treatment by prison officers and jail mates, though the prison atmosphere created by the government “was generally bad”.

However, Darboe said also revealed that he was kept strong in prison by words from his youngest daughter while they were being arrested telling him “we are behind you dad” and “reading the Quran”, as well as his commitment to end “dictatorship in Gambia”.

After election results were known to have been against Jammeh, many people thought that he would not accept defeat— Darboe said he was equally in doubt.

The opposition leader said though President Jammeh always say he respects the laws of the country but the possibility of his acceptance of defeat was something he thought of with “mixed feelings”.



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