You have already won— visibly impressed Sedia told Wuli


A visibly overwhelmed Wuli veteran politician, Sedia Jatta, has told a record turn-out of coalition supporters in Nyakoi Medina on Sunday that their ‘massive’ response to their call has suggested they have “already won the presidential elections”.

The supporters from all the 47 villages of Wuli West in Upper River Region— arguably their biggest turn-out since their first rally at Essau in North Bank Region— welcome the coalition’s entrance into the village at 12 midnight before the meeting ends at about 1 AM.

“I have never seen a crowd of this nature here before… If you have truly recorded this large turn-out to demonstrate your readiness in support of the coalition, then you have won… May all your prayers be answered,” Jatta said.

Jatta and his PDOIS civil education style politicking has controlled Wuli West for years until he boycotted the national assembly elections in 2012.

The level of political enlightenment manifested in songs of women and young girls as the coalition entered his territory, many observed, was one not seen anywhere.

“The custodian of the powers of the state has failed to use it in the service of the people… That is why you are suffering. A president you vote for should not be king exercising his free will on you,” Jatta remarked while boasting “here is Wuli”.

Another leading Gambian politician who is also a native of Wuli, Mai Fatty, has tasked the gathering to fulfill their promise to the coalition by “voting massively for Adama Barrow”.

“You have demanded that we unite and choose a single candidate and we did. Now it is your turn to also fulfill your promises by voting massively for Barrow,” Mai challenged the people of Wuli.

He went further to ridicule the leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress, Mamma Kandeh, who he said has made his position known after failing to join the coalition.

“By failing to join the coalition, he has made it cleared to you where he belongs,” Fatty said.

Traditionally, it is believed that the biggest constituent of voters in Gambia loyal to APRC is women and Gambia’s first female presidential hopeful, Dr Isatou Touray, was out to win their supporters.

“Gambian women are very hardworking but you are all poor because there are no markets for your garden produce. Adama will create markets for you and also provide jobs for your children so that they would not have to die on the back-way journey,” Dr Touray said.

The illegal migration of youths to Europe, rising prices of basic commodities, human rights issues, higher public debt, poverty and youths unemployment have taken the agenda of the Nyakoi meeting.

A famous Bakau politician, Dembo Bojang, has recounted a number of people who he said have died and disappeared under the Jammeh including a veteran journalist Deyda Hydara.

Bojang, who ridiculed GDC’s Kandeh by pretending to have forgotten his surname for Talli, said Jammeh has not just “failed the country’s economy”, but he will also “demand tax of Gambians just to leave in their own country if he is elected”.

The opposition coalition candidate also told the people of Wuli that their “fight for democracy and good governance will come to succeed by December 1” when the country will head to polls to elect a leader.

The coalition past the Sunday night at Baja Kunda, a majority Serehule settlement in the Upper River Region before it returns to Basse for a meeting.

A meeting which was supposed to be held in Basse where majority of the coalition convoy were left before 25 vehicles crossed the river to Nyakoi Medina on Sunday night was moved to Monday.

Also present at the Nyakoi rally was Alagie Jarjue, the leader of the Gambia People Democratic Party and Omar Jallow.

The coalition has entered into its sixth day on tour and it has pulled a big crowd on all the places they have passed except Allunhari, Gambisara, and Ngen Sanjal.

The coalition leaders who are apparently too ambitious with their numerous meeting places two times more than their colleagues hold meetings until morning, resting only 3 hours in 24 in most cases.

The delegates held a meeting in Baja Kunda on Monday morning and another in Diabugu


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