Allow unfettered scrutiny of electoral process—Jammeh

Confident as ever, President Jammeh advised the IEC boss to open the electoral process to scrutiny.

Credit state house

The flag bearer of the Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction, Yahya Jammeh, has advised the Independent Electoral Commission to allow unfettered scrutiny of the country’s electoral process in order to protect the integrity of the polls.

“Invite them to come and observe every process of the elections” the APRC leader tells the electoral authorities during his nomination yesterday at the election house in Kanifing.

Jammeh made the comments as the IEC chairman Alieu Momarr Njai shared with him some concerns opponents raised as regards to the fairness and transparency of the election system in the country such as the alleged registration of foreigners and others.

He said no matter how free and fair the election is, critics will question its integrity.

“Even if you stand in water some people will still say you are raising dust, on that note do what is right and fear nobody, but God,” he argued.

“Because for me in particular, as far as I’m concerned people will always make noisy here and there about me, but my destiny totally lays in the hands of God, and nobody else,” he added.

Meanwhile, the APRC leader also urged the IEC to ignore all the ‘unfounded’ allegations that are being spread about to tarnish their institution’s image.

“If you want to listen to all negative comments directed on you it will distract the good work you are doing,” he advised.

Following his nominations, Jammeh told waiting journalist that his areas of interest in the coming five years if elected into office, will be to ensure that there is free medical fees, free education and improve the areas of women empowerment.

“You know in the next five years, it will be 2021 we would have at least three things: free education at all levels, more than middle income to high income status for the country with four years before the world economic superpower. In the next five years with help of God a lot of the countries will be begging us, because we have all the resources to achieve that,” he said.

He said one thing that the country has achieved and people are not talking about is the gender parity in workers’ pay scale.


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