Opposition coalition: UDP officially unveils its position   


The United Democratic Party, Gambia’s main opposition grouping, has issued a press release on Tuesday revealing its position and conditions for opposition unity ahead of 2016 presidential elections.

In a 6-page document captioned the “roadmap for 2016 elections”, the UDP proposed a party-led coalition or the selection of an independent candidate should the first proposal failed as it did in 2011.

“Aware of the consistent demands for opposition alliance/ coalition, and the tendency at which some parties argue against internationally recognized and acceptable standards of selecting a flag bearer of coalition/alliance, the UDP suggests three options for the consideration in our coalition/ alliance discussion with the other partners,” the party said.

“Party Led Alliance/ Coalition, through a transitional arrangement; Independent Led Alliance/ Coalition, through a transitional arrangement; To Go Alone.”

Gambian opposition have had a strong history of failure in their over 2 decades attempts to form a coalition against incumbent President Jammeh, all of which were largely due to dispute over leadership.

The main opposition UDP has always argued it would produce the leader of the alliance, a proposal that others rejected.

However, the party has now compromised its 2011 position on a coalition by opening for the possibility of choosing a neutral person who has no connection with any other political party.

There is currently an opposition inter-party committee working on uniting them ahead of polls but The Torch could not verify if the UDP proposal has be placed before the group.



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