December polls: IEC announces 13-day campaign period

Alieu Mamorr Njai

The Independent Electoral Commission has announced a 13-day campaign period for political parties and their respective candidates who will be vying for the country’s top office on December 1.

“… The IEC wishes to announce that the campaign period for the said election will be held from Wednesday, 16 November 2016 to Tuesday, 29 November 2016,” the electoral authorities said in a press release issued today.

The number of campaign days has seen an improvement of 2 from the 2011 presidential elections when candidates were given 11 days to campaign across the over 11 000 square kilometers country.

The Gambia is a multiparty democracy with nine political parties and 2 independent candidates, though some parties might form a coalition ahead of elections.

The electoral authorities revealed the nomination for the party’s presidential candidates will be held on Monday 7 to 10 November from 8 to 4 pm at the IEC headquarters.

The nomination process will allow the electoral authorities to vet various party candidates as to whether they are qualified or not according to the country’s electoral laws.

All qualified candidates will pay a registration fee of D500 000 ($21, 173).

The press release stated that the nomination papers can be collected at the IEC office from October 3.

The current chairman of the IEC is Alieu Momarr Njai.


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