Kandeh is a ‘traitor’—Mayor Colley

Mamma Kandeh

The GDC leader, Mamma Kandeh

The APRC national mobiliser, Mayor Yankuba Colley, has described GDC’s Mamma Kandeh as a traitor who has betrayed his party, while dismissing claims that he is an APRC mole within the opposition camp.

When the GDC leader announced his involvement in the race for the country’s top job which will be up for grab on December 1, online cynics and critics claimed he was being sponsored by APRC to disunite the opposition.

“APRC does not work with traitors. He betrayed us and I know very well that he will not be able to criticize the party because he was part of everything before he left,” Colley was quoted by The Standard as saying at a recent meeting at their party’s political bureau.

Mamma Kandeh has served the APRC government for couple of years as a national assembly member before he fell out with the party.

Opposition coalition

The APRC mobiliser also told the paper that an opposition coalition pose no threat to his party’s hold on power.

“Even if President Jammeh decides to step down somebody in the APRC will take over the party and continue to win because the opposition are poorly structured,” Colley said.

The Standard reported that the meeting was called to refute claims that Mamma Kandeh’s weekend meeting in Bakau was well attended.

Various speakers said the GDC has a mobile crowd that fills all spaces in their meetings with very few locals bothering to see its meetings.




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