Gambian mother of 2 involved in Mediterranean boat wreck


Jatta dead

Fatou Jatta

A Gambian young mother of 2 children is confirmed to have been among an estimated 30 migrants who are feared dead after a boat capsized off the Libyan coast while some 50 were rescued by EU vessels from the sea.

A native of Brikama in the West Coast Region of The Gambia, Fatou Jatta’s death was confirmed by his uncle, a Gambian broadcaster, Essa Jallow.

Another Gambian young man, a native of Serrekunda, whose identity could not be confirmed, is also believed to be among the dead, bringing the total number to 2.

The Italian navies were reported to have rescued 562 migrants from a capsized boat on Wednesday.

The BBC reported that the ships from an EU task force and Italy’s coast guard raced to the scene 35 nautical miles (65km) off the coast as survivors clung to the hull or swam.

The alert had been raised by a Luxembourg reconnaissance plane which saw the capsized boat.

Irregular migration of youths to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea is a very common phenomenon in Gambia.


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