4 Gambian business delegates to attend int’l trade show in India

Alieu Secka

Four business delegates from The Gambia are expected to descend in Rajkot, India, for a five-day international trade show which is scheduled to begin on February 11, CEO of Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry confirmed to Torchongambia.

The Times of India Reported yesterday that around 225 delegates from 25 countries, including The Gambia, are expected to attend the international trade show.

The mega trade show is being organized by Saurashtra Vepar Udyog Mahamandal (SVUM), the apex body of the trade and industries of Saurashtra and Kutch, in association with various industry bodies and state government.

In a letter of invitation sent to the Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the organizers revealed they aresure there is immense opportunity for business development between Saurashtra-Kutch (Gujarat) India and your country (The Gambia)”.

The focused Industries of the international trade show are agriculture & renewable energy, engineering & machine tools, service sector, infrastructure & building construction, textile: fiber to fashion value chain, information technology & electronics, education, health care, travels & tourism, plastic, kitchenware & house ware, jewellery and life style, food processing machinery.

“Our Ambassador in Delhi has been working tirelessly to connect the 2 countries’ businesses, and India today has risen in 25 years from where The Gambia presently is, to be a world renowned market for IT services, mechanized agriculture, supplier of textiles, apt technology supplier which we yearn for,” the CEO of the Gambia Chamber of Commerce, Alieu Secka, said.

However, this site could not confirm the names of the 4 people who will be travelling to the globe’s biggest democracy.

“Last year, only ambassadors of respective countries took part but this year, businessmen and industry delegations are also participating along with ambassadors and ministers of various countries. The idea is to increase ties between Saurashtra and other countries and create mutual cooperation for business, import and export,” Parag Tejura, president at SVUM, was quoted as saying on local papers.

Tejura said that at least eight industry bodies from African countries will send their delegates which include Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectorial Association, Chamber of Commerce of Industries of Togo, Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industries-Sri Lanka, The Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industries and Botswana Centre of Trade and Investment among others.

“We will sign MoUs with various industry bodies to promote bilateral economic relations by providing a platform for business meets, discussion and exploration of opportunities in trade, investment, technology transfer, services and other sectors,” he said.

Some of the delegates will include Geoff Wain, British deputy high commissioner, Ahmedabad; Paluku Kahangya Julien governor, North Kivu, Congo; Dembo Beidji, ambassador of Gambia at New Delhi; Labri Refouh, ambassador of Morocco at New Delhi, among others.

During the five days, various conferences and factory visits for foreign delegates and business-to-business meetings to explore business opportunities will be held.

“There are queries from some African countries to set up agricultural produce market committee (APMC) in their respective countries and they want to see our model. We will also take them to APMCs,” he said.

The countries that will participate include Bangladesh, Botswana, DR Congo, Gambia, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Mali, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Senegal, Sudan, Yemen, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Togo, Zambia Benin, Ethiopia, among others.

Recent times have seen closer collaboration between India and The Gambia culminating into the financing of the construction of the country’s new National Assembly.

Equally, the trade between Africa and the world’s largest democracy has ballooned 20 times in the last 15 years and India’s investment in Africa range between USD 30-35 billion and the sub-continent has implemented a total of 137 projects in 41 African countries during the period.

 Meanwhile, in August of 2015, an Indian newspaper, The Hindu, reported the arrival of The Gambia’s health minister in the sub-continent seeking their pharmaceutical companies to invest in the country’s expanding health care systems.

“Essential and life saving drugs including medical equipment and articles are in utter shortage in the entire African continents and especially in The Gambia,” Minister Sey was quoted as saying at the India-Africa business forum meeting in New Delhi.

With a population of about 1, 000, 000 people, Rajkot is the fourth largest city in the state of Gujarat, India, after Ahmedabad, Surat, and Vadodara and it is located at the center of the Saurashtra region of the state.

According to official information from India, Gujarat is the most economically performing state in India, with a GDP and Industrial Manufacturing Index far above the national average.




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