Local tech company plans on getting Gambian homes TV decorder

Papa Yusupha Njie

A local technology company, RLG Gambia, has announced it will provide Gambian homes with a TV decoder which will enable individuals to tune to Gambia Radio and Television Services and other media channels around the world.

The executive director of RLG, Papa Yusupha Njie, said his company hopes to accomplish this goal by the end of May, this year.

Njie said a partnership agreement is already in place between RLG and TNT, an American basic Cable and Satellite Television Network owned by the Turner Broadcasting System division of Time Warner.

He also revealed that his company and state-owned GRTS, the only television station in the country, are in partnership talks towards accomplishing their dream.

This initiative, if successful, will give Gambian homes an alternative source to different media content around the world.

Job creation

Njie was speaking at the graduation ceremony of the third and fourth phases of mobile phone repairs trainees under the auspices of RLG in collaboration with the Ministry of trade Industry and Regional Integration and Employment (MOTIE) and the Gambia Growth and Competiveness Project (GCP).

He also pointed out that RLG are coming up with a new type of business strategy which will allow them to sell their products across the country and create jobs for young people.

“We have lots of things coming in 2016 and from the first of February I can assure you that we will have eight kiosks around the country where we will begin with the sales of mobile phones and repairs for two months. From there we will be able to roll out technology that will allow people to buy cash power from these cures,” he affirmed.

He further disclosed that a partnership with Gam-Switch to create a switch academy where RLG will train youths who will in turn act as money agents is also in the offing.

According to Njie, RLG’s effort is aimed at creating jobs for youths, noting that the trainings provided for youths will only serve as a platform but the main challenge is creating job opportunities and that’s what they are targeting.

He said RLG and APTEC— an Indian company— are currently training some students on software skills management and that the first badge of students will graduate with a diploma in three months.

He said these students will also have the opportunity to further pursue their studies with universities online or in Mauritius.



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