Jammeh criticizes West’s ‘destabilizing agenda in Burundi’

President Yahya Jammeh of The Gambia has accused Western governments of an attempt to destabilize Buriundi “using their stooges in African Union”.

Speaking to journalists upon landing at the Banjul International Airport on Monday, Jammeh said Western powers want to replicate in Burundi what they have accomplished in Ivory Coast during their post-electoral violence years ago.

“There are people who came with a foreign agenda with regards to Burundi trying to use the AU… As they used the AU through some of their stooges against Laurent Gbagbo, I wanted to make sure that this does not happen in Burundi because it is not an African Agenda,” he said.

“The African Peace and Security Council is to maintain peace and security and not to declare war on sovereign states. Burundi has contributed more than six thousand troops to peacekeeping in Somalia, I think the largest after Ethopia, to fight Al-shabaab.”

There has been a serious clash in Burundi between supporters of President Nkurunziza and opposition politicians since their president announced he was running for third term.

There were reports that the AU was contemplating sending 5000 troops on a peacekeeping mission to the country, an idea rejected by their government.

But President Jammeh said the Burundian President has followed the necessary democratic processes and any country that sends its military to their country, without their approval, is asking for war.

“… This particular country that thinks that any African country that is francophone is their country and and that is France; they used their press to destabilize African countries,” he said.

“That is what they used in Burkina Faso …Central African Republic … and now they want to add Burundi to their list of devastating subversion against African people and so we stood against it.”

Jammeh also said the Western powers, United States and France, who claimed to have been Syria’s friend during the time of the uprising are now refusing entrance of Syrian refugees in their countries.

“We should learn from Syria,” he said.

He said “generous” countries that have 5000 troops can send them to Somalia, Mali, Libya or Kenya to fight terrorist groups.

Jammeh said foreign powers have use similar agenda against The Gambia requesting all ECOWAS states introduce two terms in office.


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