Austria: Gambian immigrant in middle of a murder probe


Gambian immigrant

An unnamed Gambian immigrant living in Austria is been investigated for an alleged involvement in the murder of an American nanny, Daily Mirror reported.

The American nanny was discovered half-naked on a bed stained with ‘a considerable amount of blood’ in Vienna.

Lauren Mann, a 25-year-old language student from Colorado, was found lying face-down on the mattress in a pitch-black apartment lighted only with candles.

Police burst through the door of her apartment into the gruesome scene on Tuesday, after her concerned employer reported her missing.

Autopsy results revealed today found she was suffocated. Her face was found pushed hard into the mattress.

The case is being treated as a ‘possible’ murder and the Austrian state attorney – the prosecuting authority – will decide if a full-scale murder investigation is to be carried out by police.

Investigators are focusing on questioning her friends and family, following suggestions that a ‘sex game’ led to her death.

However, Lauren’s landlord cast doubt on the sex-game theory and told Daily Mail Online: ‘She was a lovely girl, and I have never had a problem with her. She had a nice character and was a model tenant.’

The landlord, who wished to remain anonymous, added: ‘She was a quiet and conscientious member of the community.’

Cafe and shop owners on the street, which has the character of a small town, also insisted that although they were not close with the American nanny, they had always been struck by her ‘warm personality’.

Early autopsy results had failed to determine the cause of the student’s death. But another test results showed she was suffocated.

Austrian police spokesman Thomas Keiblinger said his colleagues were now also waiting for the results of toxicology tests.

The man, an illegal immigrant from Gambia, is being hunted by police. He has not been seen since the discovery of her body on Tuesday.

The landlord said that a Gambian would have stood out in the almost exclusively-white area.

‘I know the people living here, I talk to the people who live here,’ he said. ‘I’m sure they would have told me if there was a black man living in the apartment.’

Mann was studying at the University of Vienna, where she had enrolled in October 2014.

She was a high-flying student who had got the top grades, 1s and 2s, in the three courses she had completed towards her degree, for which she had to complete a minimum of 23 courses.




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