Gambia holds food festival in February


Hydara, Director of Gambia Tourism Board

The tourism authorities in The Gambia, fondly call the Smiling Coast, are preparing to stage a food and beverage festival for tourists and food lovers.

Unarguably, the most peaceful country in Africa, The Gambia invites lovers of food and tourists alike to her food and beverage festival this year.

The two-day event holding from February 26 to 27 at Green Mamba Gardens/Jakarlo Bar and Restaurant will feature musical jamboree (including contemporary and classical), live entertainment with bonfire and competitions such as: wrestling, eating and pool.

The festival will showcase various local dishes, including but not restricted to: mbahal, benachin, fufu soup, lamb afra off the grill, pork afra  off the grill, yassa kobo, yassa nganar, ebbeh, and nyambeh nyebbeh.

Also, renowned Gambian chefs and other locals will showcase their signature dishes and brand themselves in the process to become permanent representatives in the event, which The Gambia Tourism Board is promoting as a major event in the tourism calendar of The Gambia.

Tourism is one of the most vital sectors to the Gambian economy contributing about 18% of the Gross Domestic Product.

Recently, the local tourism authorities have intensified their marketing campaign in an attempt to lure in the country about 500, 000 tourists in a year, by 2020.


This number of tourists will surpass, by a light margin, a quarter of the country’s 1.9 million population.


Thus many analyst believe the 500, 000 tourists target is an over ambitious dream, but it will certainly push the sector’s contribution to the GDP is it is realized.


GTB insist that the tourism sector’s primary goal is to see a more robust and dynamic industry that has the capability of contributing up to 25% to the Gambia’s Gross Domestic Product by 2020.



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