EU readies €33 million for Gambia

Minister Abdou Colley

During the presentation of the recent budget estimates by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs to the lawmakers, the finance minister revealed that the Gambia Government will not receive any budget support fund for the coming year.

However, the European Union is ready to dish 33 million euros to the Gambia Government as part of the partnership agreement of the 11th European Development Fund.

While tabling the report of the National Assembly delegation to the 39th Session of the ACP-EU joint parliamentary assembly, Netty Baldeh, said the EU funds are intended to expedite the attainment of some of the national development blueprints.

“The European Union is envisage to make available to the Republic of The Gambia, a sum of 33 million euros for the period 2015-2016 (phase on), to finance and focus on some of the National Indicative Programmes spelt in the policy vision of PAGE  2012-2016 (Programme for Accelerated Growth and Employment),” he said.

Netty Baldeh, who also doubles as the newly elected president of ACP Parliamentary Assembly and co-president of ACP-EU joint parliament, said the funds have already been pre-allocated.

He said: “Essentially, the 11th EDF first phase 2015-2016 shall focus on two programmes namely, ‘Agriculture for Economic Growth and Food Security/nutrition, and the Exit Strategy to the Transport Sector’. For the period 2017-2020, the NIP will be synchronised with the future national development strategy, according to the agreement. This document is circulated to all honourable members for their information and consideration for debate on the floor.”



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