Sona releases first video dedicated to Gambia


Sona releases first video dedicated to Gambia

Sona Jobarteh, The Gambia’s most prolific female Kora player, has released her first musical video dedicated to her home country, The Gambia, at Paradise suite hotel yesterday night.

Sona has had several live performances in different musical concerts around the world this year and she said representing her country has been a “huge honour”.

“To be playing music and representing The Gambia… is a huge privilege and honour for me,” she said.

“…I wanted to make a music video… and to dedicate it to which is for me the most important thing that I do which is my connection to The Gambia.”

Sona shared her passion in selling the cultures and tradition of The Gambia, through music, to the outside world.

She revealed that her motivation for filming the video was to enhance the understanding of other people outside of Africa about the cultures and tradition of The Gambia.

“…This year has been very busy… it has been amazing travelling to many new countries and perform the music that a lot of people who listen to us may not even have heard African music perform live before,” she said.

“The aim of the video is to represent The Gambia in a way that people could see it, especially people who have never been to Africa- they could watch it and in that five minutes start to feel something of what The Gambia means…”

Sona further said she always try to “stay true to the tradition as much as I can”, adding that she is opening a traditional music school in The Gambia, January next year.

The song which was recorded to mark The Gambia’s 50 years of independence (Golden Jubilee), is the Kora virtoso’s first track dedicated to her country.


The launching of the video was attended by family members, artists, fans, media personnels, and other well wishers.

Watch the video here:



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