Cagliari flying squad detain a Gambian, 3 other suspected migrant traffickers


The English version of an Italian newspaper, Gazzetta del Sud, has reported that four suspected migrant traffickers including one Gambian have been arrested and detained by Cagliari flying squad on Monday, October 19.

The Cagliari flying squad on Monday detained four alleged migrant traffickers who tried to mingle with 664 rescued asylum seekers who disembarked from Norwegian ship Siem Pilot in the Sardinian port earlier in the day.

The Flying Squad is a branch of the Specialist, Organised & Economic Crime Command within London‘s Metropolitan Police Service.

The Squad’s purpose is to investigate commercial armed robberies, along with the prevention and investigation of other serious armed crime.

They were identified thanks to statements from refugees, and could face charges of aiding illegal immigration.

The suspects allegedly skippered two of six inflatables in distress whose passengers were rescued off the coast of Libya.

Police say they organized the trip for at least 200 of the passengers.

They were named as Senegalese national Coly Sengor – who said he is 17 but doctors say is of age – fellow Senegalese Joe Pab, 27, Gambia national Kassima Muhammed, 20, and Ivory Coast citizen Simplice Junior Thomas, 28.

Of the 664 new arrivals, 30 are children and 134 are women, five of them pregnant.

Nearly a third of the asylum seekers are from Nigeria, followed by 80 from Gambia and the rest from other African countries.


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