A veteran Senegambian singer Affia Ngum dies

Musa Affia Ngum

Musa Affia Ngum

Musa Affia Ngum, one of The Gambia’s veteran artists with an enormous fan-base in both Senegal and The Gambia, has died.

He passed away in Dakar Senegal on Sunday; hours before his slated time for another musical performance at a Dakar night club.

Musa Affia, as he was later known in both The Gambia and Senegal was a symbol of Senegambian unity who has used his influence on the course of political and economic integration of the two states.

He has vowed to use two different kinds of shoes, different colour and fashion at a time, until Senegal and The Gambia integrates, a course he devoted his whole life to.

Born in Banjul in the late 1940s Musa Ngum propelled to stardom in music with the Guellewarr Dance Band where he was a lead vocalist.

After Guellewar ceased to exist, Musa went onto form his own band and continue to sing mostly folklore music of the Wollof tradition.
In the late 1980s he moved to Senegal where he joined the famous Super Diamono Band of Omar Pene.

It was during that time that Musa’s popularity reached fever peak.
He was so well known in Dakar that Senegalese often regard him as one of them.


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