Gambia to establish anti-graft commission before 2016- Justice Minister

Mama Fatimah Sighateh, Gambia's justice minister

Mama Fatimah Sighateh, Gambia’s justice minister

The Gambia’s justice minister, Mama Fatima Singhateh, has revealed that President Jammeh has given her ministry a December deadline to set up an anti-corruption to combat graft in the country.

Singhateh made this revelation on October 2, as she discussed with the Inspector General of Police of Rwanda, Emmanuel K. Gasana, whose forces’ response against corruption she hailed.

“We are in the process of establishing an anti-corruption commission in the Gambia and we know that Rwanda has a lot to teach us on how it started its own anti-graft structures,” News of Rwanda quoted Singhateh as saying.

“We are very much impressed with what we have seen in Rwanda. My President has declared a war on corruption; he has come up with a movement called ‘Operation No Compromise’ and also given us a deadline of December to have the anti-corruption commission established,” Minister Singhateh said.

“One of the key starting points in addressing corruption is the Police and I am very happy to learn that Rwanda National Police has institutionalized the anti-corruption mechanisms and play a pivotal in the fight against corruption.”

The paper reported that Singhateh is touring for week- long fact-finding mission on how Rwanda has institutionalized and implemented its anti-corruption policies.

IGP Gasana said that fighting corruption and other related malpractices have been one of the key strategies and a priority in shaping the policing regime of the force.

“Twenty –one years ago, Rwanda experienced shock; it was dooms day and tragic to humanity. That story of genocide will remain in our hearts but it has not stopped Rwandans from shaping their future. Because of able leadership, we have moved forward…, ” Gasana said.


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