Gambian leader offers shelter to terror victims around the world

President Yahya Jammeh

President Yahya Jammeh

President Yahya Jammeh of The Gambia has offered to shelter people of all faiths running from religious persecution around the world.

While giving his traditional Eid-ul-adha (known in The Gambia as Tobaski) message to Muslims across the country, the Gambian leader who is accustom to denouncing terrorists as “vermins disguised as Muslims”, said The Gambia will give permanent residence to all victims and urged other countries to do the same.

“…I have the greatest pleasure and privilege to declare that The Gambia will welcome all people who are being persecuted, humiliated or killed because of their Faith around the world. As from today, The Gambia is a welcoming home to Christians, Yazidis, Coptics etc. who are victims of these human vermins disguised as Muslim extremists,” he said.

“They can be permanently settled in the Gambia just as we offered to the Rohingas etc. We call on all members of Humanity with a conscience or Fear of Allah, who can, to help build permanent settlements for our these brothers and sisters in the true spirit of Islam and love for humanity.”

The Gambia leader also mourned the catastrophic consequences of terrorism around the world while urging Muslims to stand by their victims.

“… Islam is a religion of peace, and on this sacred day of devotion, celebration, peace and thanksgiving, we should fervently pray to The Almighty Allah to annihilate this global demonic empire of hate, greed and infamy and, restore permanent peace, love and justice in these trouble spots and indeed the entire world. True Muslims are the victims of a global Satanic Anti Islamic Crusade that must and will be destroyed very soon INSHALA (God willing),” he said.

“… We (Muslims) should also remember the deceased by praying for their souls to rest in peace. We should visit the sick, the needy, the disabled and the vulnerable and share with them, care for them as well as sympathise and console them. However, it is very shameful as well as unsettling that as some of us celebrate in peace and harmony with our families, millions of our fellow Muslims across the globe are homeless refugees fleeing for their lives and will not even have a cup of clean drinking water to celebrate Eid-ul-Adha. If we are all true Muslims, our these brothers and sisters in Islam would be celebrating in peace and love and in the company of their families as we are.”


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