Gambian footballer gets American citizenship

MansallyA Gambian footballer, Aubdoulie “Kenny” Mansally, has joined 139 others from 47 countries to take the oath of citizenship, marking Citizenship Day and Constitution Day in America as an official citizen of her adopted country

Reports said the Real Salt Lake defender stood and said that he was proud to bring his culture to the U.S. and share it with others.

“I thank God for giving me the opportunity to play soccer and that soccer brought me all the way to here and now I am an American citizen,” Mansally was quoted as saying.

Mansally said the U.S. is the greatest country ever and that a lot of people in Africa want to become American citizens.

Reports said men and women from all over the world, including Nepal, Myanmar, Iraq, Gambia and several Latin American countries, stood to share their feelings after raising their right hand and swearing the Oath of Allegiance.

Others stood and offered in varying levels of English their pride in completing the lengthy process of gaining citizenship.


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