Gambia will stand by Serra Leone in fight against Ebola- Gambia’s new Ambassador

Gambia ambassador to Serra Leone

According to Awareness Times, a local newspaper in Serra Leone, The Gambia has assured Sierra Leone of continued solidarity and support in fighting the dreaded Ebola virus.

This was stated by the newly appointed Gambian High Commissioner to Sierra Leone, H.E. Mrs. Fatou Ndeye Gaye.

The paper reported that the eloquent and confident female envoy from Sierra Leone’s sister republic of The Gambia was speaking during an auspicious ceremony to present her Letters of Credent to His Excellency President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma at State House on Wednesday 3rd September 2015.

It can be recalled that The Gambia was one of the very first Nations, if not the first; to give financial support to Sierra Leone when President Jammeh donated half a million dollars last year to aid Sierra Leone fight off the scourge.

Speaking during the presentation of her letters, Her Excellency Mrs. Gaye registered Gambia’s unflinching commitment to continue the bond of friendship and ties existing between the two sister countries.

“The Government and People of The Gambia are particularly concerned and will continue to support the recent Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone and the sub-region that claimed lives of Sierra Leoneans and other nationals within the sub-region, of which your Government committed a lot of financial, technical and human resources,” the female ambassador assured.

Also presenting their credentials were Ambassador Penbe Nesrin Bayazit of Turkey and High Commissioner K. Jeeva Sagar of India respectively who also spoke on their countries’ support for the fight against Ebola.

Receiving the three diplomats, President Ernest Bai Koroma thanked the respective governments for supporting Sierra Leone during the height of the Ebola epidemic.

The president emphasized that the main task of his government is to ensure the country returns on the “Agenda for Prosperity” pathway following the implementation of post-Ebola recovery programmes prioritizing health, education, social security and economic resurgence through promotion of the private sector.

President Koroma called on the governments of India, Turkey and The Gambia to continue to support the Government and people of Sierra Leone in fighting what he described as a “great threat to our recovery from this evil virus.”

“This great threat is stigmatization of citizens and residents of the region when they travel abroad,” he said.

The Sierra Leone Head of State also highlighted new avenues to strengthen socio-economic cooperation between Sierra Leone and the three countries and underscored the need to deepen mutually bilateral relations with them.

The credentials ceremony saw in attendance cabinet ministers, senior government officials, officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and senior State House staffers.


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