Gambia steals talents but can barely keep its own- report

Finance minister Abdou Colley

Economics and finance minister, Abdou Colley

The Gambia has been rated among one of the top countries in Africa with favourable ratings in attracting talents from outside but has scored reasonably low in retaining its own talents on the Global Competitiveness Index, 2014-2015 fiscal year.

The Gambia has come 42 out of 144 with a value score of 3.9 in terms of its ability to attract talents, coming in fourth, ahead of even Mauritius, ranked fifth.

Meanwhile, the neighbouring Senegal, like Kuwait, Finland, Kenya and host of other countries, has trailed The Gambia ranking 54 out of 144 countries with a value score of 3.7.

However, The Gambia has also incredibly slumped to 70 positions out of 144 with a value score of 3.4 in terms of its capacity to retain its own talents.

It nevertheless did better than Senegal which scored 77 in ranking with a value score of 3.4.

The ranking is from one to seven and countries with lower scores nearing one means their best and brightest tend to leave to pursue opportunities in other countries.

Those with higher scores closing in on 7 are the ones best able to retain their talents, according to the WEF, which links the quality of policy and institutions as factors key to determining the level of productivity if a country, and consequently its economic fortunes.

According to WEF data, Burundi has the highest rate of brain drain in Africa, scoring 2.0. Algeria, Mauritania, Chad and Guinea round out the top five countries that are most unable to retain their top talents.

Rwanda tops the ranking of African countries that are able to convince their best talents to stay and contribute by some distance ahead of Morocco and Kenya.

Ivory Coast and South Africa make the top five African countries who hold on to their best and brightest.

Morocco, South Africa, Zambia, Angola and Nigeria bring up the top 10 countries that are able to bring its talent from outside, the latter two being increasingly attractive to oil expats.

The top five countries on the list of those that are best at attracting talents are Switzerland, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and the United Kingdom.

 Meanwhile, The Gambia has also seen an incredible fall in the overall ranking of countries on the index loosing over 20 places in its recent ranking as compared to 2014 thereby falling behind Senegal.

In 2014 index, The Gambia was ranked 116 out of 148 with a value score of 3.7 and sink down to 125 in 2015 out of 144 countries with a value score of 3.5.

The GCI said this year’s report covers 144 economies because of data availability issues from Benin, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brunei Darussalam, Ecuador, and Liberia.

Senegal has been ranked at 112 surpassing The Gambia by 13 places.

The top ten countries on the index were Switzerland, Singapore, United States, Finland, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong SAR, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Sweden.

Other countries that trailed The Gambia included Libya, 126; Nigeria, 127; Mali, 128; Pakistan 129; Madagascar, 130; Venezuela, 131; Malawi, 132 and Mozambique, 133.

 The Global Competitiveness Report (GCR) is a yearly report published by the World Economic Forum and since 2004, it ranks countries based on the Global Competitiveness Index.


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