Less than one third of Gambians in EU granted asylum in 2015


Mustapha K Darboe

Little less than one third of Gambians who have sought asylum in the European Union in the first and the second quarters of 2015 have been granted asylum.

This is according to the information that the European statistical department, Eurostats, have shared with the torchongambia.

The Luxembourg-based European statistical information directorate have informed this site that at least 10,510 Gambian migrants have sought asylum in Europe between January and June of 2015, three times more than the population of the town of Janjanjureh, the capital of the Central River Region of the country.

However, only 2510 have been granted asylum under various categories which were the Geneva Convention Status, Humanitarian Status, Subsidiary Protection Status and Temporary Protection Status.

According to the Eurostats database Italy, the leading recipient of Gambians during the first and second quarter of 2015 numbering 6930, has granted asylum to 2195 migrants.

While German, the second biggest recipient with an amount of 2515, have granted asylum to only 50 Gambians.

Other countries with a smaller slash of the migrant influx like Switzerland, Sweden and Netherlands have had a fairly average figure as compared to the number to Gambian asylum seekers that arrived on their shores.

Switzerland which received 765 granted asylums to 180; Sweden received 135 and granted asylum to 20; France received 115 and granted asylum to 10; and Spain received 50 and granted asylum to 10.

Europe is soaked in a migrant crisis with thousands of asylum seekers entering their borders monthly.

According to the EU border agency, the number of migrants that entered the European Union surpassed 100,000 in July, the highest in a single month.

Frustrations which often fuel anti immigrant sentiments have started rising in the most affected countries, Germany and Italy.

Attacks of migrants have recently risen in Germany especially in the Eastern part of the country where the number of assaults with bodily harm stands at 62 as opposes to 10 in the West.


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