President Jammeh demands explanation or launch investigation into missing public monies

President Yahya Jammeh

President Yahya Jammeh

Mustapha K Darboe

The Gambia President, Yahya Jammeh has demanded explanation from public institutions and ministries that were queried by the Public Accounts and Public Entreprise Committees of the lawmaking body in their recommendation sent to the Presidency or launch full scale investigation, the Torchongambia has gathered.

Following their 2015 session before the parliament went into a recess, the PAC/PEC wrote a recommendation to the office of the President over issues including missing public funds which were also raised in the national audit report done and compiled by the Karamba Touray, the auditor general.

The President demanded that all institutions and ministries responsible should furnish his office with the “full details of all the numerated issues attached, and those responsible before 1st September”.

An authoritative source confirmed to Torchongambia that the presidential instruction concerns public institutions and ministries that are “queried for a second time on the same issue(s) must provide this Office with the full details of all the numerated issues attached, and those responsible before 1st September, 2015 or a full scale investigation will be launched as of 2nd September, 2015.”

This site also learn that some of the issues to be explained which were queried by the PAC/PEC are: the un-presented payment vouchers, payment vouchers without supporting documents, breach of GPPA regulations/payment vouchers with single quotations, non budgeted and approved Virements, misclassification of expenses, exclusion of government funds at commercial banks in financial statements, existence of Dormant Accounts with substantial amounts for over two years while the government is in need of funds, outstanding Imprest balances beyond the due date of retirement, un-presented loan agreement documents, non-disclosure of domestic debt holders, on-lending to Government Business Enterprises (GBEs), Non-Disclosure of grants received, un-presented revenue vouchers, unforeseen and not urgent expenditure from Contingency Fund, the non-provision of Tax arrears GRA, non consolidation of self-accounting projects, no reconciliation between MoFEA records and creditors, no record of domestic debt information, the abuse of Commandeering of Vehicles.

This site also gathered that the authorities of the National Assembly have had a meeting on 26 August over the issue and are expected to send the President a list of institutions or ministries that are queried for a second time latest August 28.

The National Assembly Authority is a five-member body comprising of Fabakary Tombong Jatta, the majority leader, Samba Jallow, the minority leader, Abdoulie Bojang, the speaker, Natty Baldeh, member for  Tumanna and Bintading Jarjue, member for Foni Bintang.

The Torchongambia has made an effort to reach one of the National Assembly authorities for comment but Tombong Jatta could not be reach on his phone and the Samba Jallow has declined to comment.


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