15 Gambian journalists to be trained on innovative research

Emil Touray, President of Gambia Press Union

Emil Touray, President of Gambia Press Union

The Gambia Press Union, in partnership with the Danish government under the Gambia Media Support (GAMES) project, will train 15 Gambian journalists on innovative research on Tuesday 25.

A part of the press release issued by the union stated:

“During the workshop there will be lectures on journalistic research and sharing experiences on cultural obstacles to the research.

“The next steps of the Research Project involve: Fieldwork in the urban area: All participants are expected to deliver a report on how they personally experience cultural obstacles in their research

“Fieldwork in the provinces: Rural reporters are interviewed on how they experience cultural obstacles when researching.

“Academic and journalistic assessment of the findings: We invite Gambian and international scholars to analyse the reports.

“Workshop: Development of adequate research skills to overcome the cultural obstacles.

“Training: We invite all participants for a training course in Investigative Journalism and Advanced Research.

“Team reporting: Participants team up to do investigative projects or in-depth reporting for radio, print or web – in order to test the new skills and to produce a journalistic report and a reflection report. Conclusive Assessment: Development of tools and strategies.”

The GPU said the training will help to fill the human resources gaps that exist in the Gambian media.

The tutorial is going to be done by a Danish journalist.




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