Gambian Refugee Hospitalized in Italy on Suspicion of Ebola


Mustapha K Darboe

According to the Italian La Stampa newspaper, a refugee from Gambia was hospitalized in the northern Italian city of Turin on Monday over suspicion of potential contagion of the deadly Ebola virus, local media reported.

The man, who was reported to have arrived in Italy from France, was quarantined after he came to the emergency department of the Turin Molinette hospital with high fever and other symptoms typical for the deadly virus.

The paper said the refugee underwent all the necessary tests to determine the exact diagnosis.

Reports said their results are due to be announced in the coming days, the newspaper said.

The current Ebola epidemic started in southern Guinea in December 2013 and later spread to Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Senegal.

However, The Gambia, according to the national health promotion department, remains Ebola free.

According to the latest World Health Organization data, almost 11,300 people have died from the current Ebola outbreak, with some 27,900 confirmed, probable, and suspected cases of the virus having been reported.


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